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Join hands with Naad-Nartan

Naad-Nartan welcomes you to the world of Indian classical art-forms.
Let us join hands for the cause of promoting Indian music, dances as well as other art-forms.

Aims and Objectives

Naad-Nartan is the NGO aimed at spreading art and culture of Indian Subcontinent not only in the region but the world over. In the era of Global invasion of cultural supremacy by the Western Media, it gains much more significant to safeguard our intangible heritage and rich traditions. It can be done through different means like research, teaching, performances, lecture/demonstrations etc.To counter the challenges posed by the present circumstances, the NGO is to take up the following:

  1. Safeguarding the intengible art-forms of India
  2. Promoting and preserving the great Indian tradition of arts and culture
  3. creating awareness of our ever-evolving, vibrant and sustained culture
  4. To extend the fine arts of India through different available tools
  5. Generating public interest through various means like live performances etc.
  6. Teaching these arts to those who desire so
  7. Spreading Universal Brotherhood through the dance and music
  8. Providing the appropriate material regarding the fine arts of excellent quality like authentic books, Compositions, research- facilities etc.
  9. Linking music and dance with Yoga and Meditation with a view to cater to the health issues
  10. Bringing the disabled persons in the mainstream whereby helping them in the social adjustment/rehabilitation

The list can go on and on. However, it is the first step and a lot more is to be unfolded in the days to come.

NaadNartan Journal of Dance and Music

We gladly inform to all our well-wishers and friends that Naad- Nartan journal of Dance and Music has been allotted the ISSN (International Standard Serial Number) print 2349-4654. The journal is registered as ”refereed”. This Peer reviewed Journal is dedicated to serious researchers who could bring out new facts and interpretations for the benefit of the society. We, as the publishers, shall try our level best to maintain international standards.

For further information, click the links below:

Instructions For JDM
Opens a PDF File Journal of Dance and Music
Opens a PDF file

Our Activities

NaadNartan runs a library where audio/visual material on a variety of topics is available.

Central Office

The head office of Naad-Nartan is located at:
28, Bharati Artist Colony, Opp. Swasthya Vihar, Vikas Marg, Delhi.
Telephone: 91-11-22445624
Mobile: 919873107335

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Indian Tradition of Dhruvapada

Original Musical Compositions

These songs are composed by The Site Owner. Prior permission of The Composeris required for commercial use of these compositions.
However, noncommercial use is permissible.

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