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Image of Goddess Saraswati

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Original Musical Compositions

These songs are composed by The Site Owner. Prior permission of The Composeris required for commercial use of these compositions.
However, noncommercial use is permissible.

Parody:Khoya Khoya Chaand
Rag Yaman Drut Composition
Symphony of Love
Song on pollution
Qawwali on Polution
Braj Folk Song
Bhojpuri FolkSong 
  Kaam Karo Zyada
song on Population 
  Sadbhavana Geet 
GuruVandana-A tribute to teachers Silent Stars In the name of Goddess Saraswati

Music For Relaxation

Listen to the enchanting music, composed by various skilled composers of Indian music.
Enter the world of the spellbound mellodies and relax!



Ghazal is a kind of tribute to Indian music. In poetry, it might get different definition. However, In Indian music, Ghazal is the magic of the light music.
Here is a variety of Ghazzals sung by a variety of great singers.

Music For The Young Generation

Here you will find some very good external links for the songs which are the top priority of the young generation. Movie Mellodies, Inspirational Songs, or the romantic ones! All kinds of music which is popular amongst the youth and the adolescents, is available in this section.

School Assembly&Functions

Here many school prayers, Community songs, patriotic songs etc are listed for the benefit of the music teachers employed in the schools.
Please note that the songs in this section are prepared by the Ministry of Education, Delhi Government.