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Image of Goddess Saraswati

Music For Relaxation!

Listen to the enchanting music, composed by various skilled composers of Indian music.
Enter the world of the spellbound mellodies and relax!

Bhajans of PT. Jasraj

Pt. Jasraj needs no introduction. He is the visionary performer, a living legend of Indian classical music. Listen to some of his compositions.
Please note that these compositions are not for commercial use in any manner whatsoever.

Kumar Gandharwa

  1. Ajuni Rusuni Aahe
  2. Ab To Aaja Re
  3. Ud Jaega
  4. Sunta Hai Guru gyani
  5. Sab Se Nyara

More Devotional Music

Magic of Ghazals

Ghazal is a kind of tribute to Indian music. In poetry, it might get different definition. However, In Indian music, Ghazal is the magic of the light music.
Here is a variety of Ghazzals sung by a variety of great singers.

Jagjeet Singh and Chitra Singh

The King of Ghazals Jagjeet Singh and Melody Queen Chitra Singh need no introduction. In this section, many of their memorable songs are listed.

Bhupinder Singh and Mitalee Singh

One of the finest Duo in the world of Ghazal singing is Bhupinder and Mitalee Singh.
Here you'd find some rare gems from their vast treasure of enchanting melodies.

Farida Khanum, the Ghazzalist