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Preserving our Heritage of Music

Madhukali in Abu Dhabi

Madhukali, as one of the 11 NGOs selected by UNESCO, sent its representative to 4COM held at Abu Dhabi from 28th September to 2nd October 2009.
Although a full report shall be available shortly, it was perceived that very few people, specially in India, have any clear notion of work being planned to safeguard a heritage that we take so casually. The dangerous thing is that though we lament superficial changes in practice, we have no idea how drastically such genres are being eroded. Countries like China, Japan, Korea, Kenya etc. are deeply concerned with safeguarding their practices, we in India are not even informed about such an opportunity.
As practitioners and scholars, we appeal to you to raise awareness about Safeguarding of our Intangible Cultural Heritage.
A positive feedback from you shall encourage us to take up the cause and we may plan a workshop / conference on this.

An Unforgettable Event


On 21st November, 2008, ART OF LIVING, a well-known NGO presented - MEDITATION THROUGH MUSIC – a musical evening which attracted the attention of “the guineas Book of the World Records”. Over one thousand Sitar exponents performed in unison with flutes, violins, Synth and the rhythmic accompaniment on Tablas, Dholaks, Drum set and the auctropads in the presence of a galaxy of stars from the field of music and dance.
Masters of Sitar It included:

The venue for this great event was: City Lawns, Sector 32, Noida, UP, India.
The note worthy as well as the record-breaking aspect in this marvelous event was that more than one thousand exponents of Sitar participated in it. Amongst them, some of the eminent artists were:

A group playing on Sitar

More Images

Listen to Composition1, Composition2 and Composition3 presented during the Brahmanaad session.

Musical Instruments

New dimensions and experiments

A seminar/workshop was held courtesy Omenad on 18-19 January, 2008, in order to discuss the new developments in the field of the instrumental music. different aspects regarding this were taken up for the discussions through the papers presented in the seminar.
The abstracts of the papers submitted for this conference will be made available online. Please visit Omenad for details.

Here is the list of the scholars, who presented their papers in this seminar:

Electronic musical instruments

Instruments used in Indian classical music look very cumbersome and delicate. In order to avoid the problems faced by the users of such instruments, Radel Enterprises has been designing and promoting electronic versions of many instruments like Tamboora, Veena, Tabla and many more. This is a great work with regard to Indian classical music.

Original Musical Compositions

These songs are composed by The Site Owner. Prior permission of The Composeris required for commercial use of these compositions.
However, noncommercial use is permissible.

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